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Welcome to the Good Health Clinic specialising in complex, chronic conditions, including digestive conditions, chronic fatigue and infections.

Our aim is to help you achieve your optimum health through individually-tailored programmes using Nutritional and Functional Medicine, the latest laboratory testing if needed, and a variety of therapeutic interventions. Our core areas of focus include:

We seek to handle the underlying causes of your condition, rather than just addressing symptoms. Two patients with the same condition may have completely different causes. The presence of infections, toxins, allergens and stress and the absence of real food, hormones, a healthy environment and exercise, create imbalances in the body’s biological processes, which then lead to unwanted conditions.

We balance your nutrition, lifestyle and body systems to help you achieve your optimum health. This approach to handling conditions is known as the Functional Medicine approach. Your nutritional choices, which may include eating or drinking something your body can't properly handle, impact directly upon both your physical and mental wellbeing. 

We can work with other healthcare professionals like doctors, dentists, chiropractors, osteopaths and homeopaths as needed. If you have a diagnosed medical illness, we will work with your medical doctor. If we suspect an undiagnosed medical condition, we will refer you to your doctor and work with your doctor if an illness is diagnosed. If the doctors cannot make a diagnosis, we can still balance your body systems, nutrition and lifestyle to help you achieve your optimum health.

Our clinic is based in Plymouth but patients travel to visit us from all over the South West of England and beyond, including Exeter, Torbay, Totnes, Tavistock, Saltash, Liskeard, Truro, etc..

We invite you to look around The Good Health Clinic website for an insight into the services we offer. Subscribe to our newsletter and take our free health test.