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Weight Loss / Weight Optimization

The Metabolic Approach

Healthy Weight

The underlying causes for weight gain will be different for each person and could be hormonal, emotional, gut or toxin-related. The word ‘metabolism’ refers to the different processes that occur when your body tries to deal with incoming foods.

We believe that not addressing metabolic issues while trying to change one’s diet is the main reason why people fail to lose weight or maintain their target weight. Nutritionists have identified as many as 13 different factors that can lower your metabolism and prevent you from losing the weight that you wish.

In The Good Health Clinic, we use the Metabolic approach to identify the core factors that can prevent you from achieving your target weight. On the weight optimization programme specifically tailored to your needs, you do not starve your body but eat your way to better health, giving your body the nutrients it needs to adjust imbalances and achieve your weight loss goals. If you are underweight, the Metabolic Approach can help you achieve your target weight.

We may also recommend lifestyle modifications such as specific exercises or stress reduction techniques to complement your programme. We believe in an integrated approach which also takes portion control into account. Naturally, if you are eating supersize portions, you might have trouble losing weight. The good news is, following the Metabolic Approach doesn’t leave you feeling hungry.

Nutritional Typing

For hereditary reasons, your metabolism is unique. Metabolic Typing is an effective way of determining which foods and nutrients suit your body best and will best support your health. When nutrition is used in a “one size fits all” approach, results can be unreliable and unpredictable. Different people have different genetic requirements for different amounts of nutrients.

The Metabolic Type Test used to find out your metabolic type, has been developed by leading physicians and nutritionists and is grounded in hard science, from the study of the body’s major control systems.

We find that Nutritional Typing is one of our most effective tools, not only for helping patients to achieve their optimum weight, but also for helping them achieve their optimum health.

No diet should be undertaken without the goal to restore your health.  It may surprise you that many overweight people are chronically undernourished.  Eating less can aggravate this condition unless you pay attention to the quality of your food, instead of just its quantity.