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The Road to Optimum Health

Road to Optimum Health

Our purpose at the Good Health Clinic is to help you achieve your optimum health.
The Good Health Clinic "Road to Optimum Health" is given as a general guide to achieving optimum health within the clinic.

Optimum is defined as: The best obtainable under specific conditions. What is optimum health? Well, that varies from individual to individual. This is easy to see when you take the examples of an Olympic athlete and an average member of the public. Clearly the athlete's optimum will be higher than that of Mr.Average. However, we can say that everyone can improve their health and move towards a greater sense of wellbeing.

The broad layout of the general steps of the road to optimum health is given here. Some individuals have further to travel than others. Some may only require an initial consultation and maybe a follow-up. Others may require a longer road if they have significant health challenges.

However, the purpose of this chart is to give an idea of what the road to optimum health involves - a road that leads to a better condition and wellbeing.

Browse our website and see some of the conditions we can help with. It's easy to make an appointment; just call or email today and start on your "Road to Optimum Health".