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Hormonal Health

The word “hormone” comes from the Greek “hormon” meaning “to stir up” and that is exactly what these body substances do.

Endocrine-related conditions that can benefit from Nutritional Medicine include:

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There are four categories of hormones that should to be balanced for anyone to achieve optimum health:

Insulin and Blood Sugar Balance

Refined sugars cause blood glucose and insulin levels to spike, then crash, leaving you feeling exhausted, anxious and moody, and craving more sugar. Correct nutrition can balance your insulin and blood sugar levels.

Adrenal Hormone Function

Chronic or severe acute stress from any source can cause your adrenal glands to become tired and depleted to the point where you experience a continual feeling of low energy and lack of wellness. We help support your adrenal glands so you can improve your energy and wellbeing.

Thyroid Gland Function

When your thyroid works the way it should, you feel good and have ample energy. When it doesn’t, you can feel miserable, without understanding why. We help you to understand why, and give you steps to help correct this dysfunction.

Sex Hormone Function

Where the sex hormones are dysfunctional, this can lead to a number of conditions from lack of sex drive to menopause problems, causing both physical and mental anguish. Balancing these hormones can help considerably.