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Genetic Testing

Double Helix - DNA

Genetics is one of the most exciting areas of modern medical research. Genetic testing often sheds light on ways in which your health can be enhanced.

Have you ever wondered why you react differently to other people when it comes to your health? Why you got sick and someone else didn’t?

Well, people are as different on the inside as they are on the outside. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. One man’s exercise programme is another man’s graveyard. And the unique set of genes you inherited from your parents plays a major role in how you respond to your environment.

Take the analogy of a revolving door in an office block. People go in and come out. This is like your cells – toxins and nutrients go in and come out. But what happens if there is a block on the door where people come out? Too many people remain inside the building. Similarly, if you have a weakness in your genes that doesn’t let toxins out of cells, you become toxic. This makes you feel poorly in a variety of ways. We all have genetic weaknesses but some impact on health far more than others. The good news is that once we identify these weaknesses, we can override them with the correct nutritional programme that moves you towards your optimum health.

At The Good Health Clinic we offer a full range of genetic testing to help you identify your own genetic weaknesses, from which a personal programme can be developed.

Who benefits from these tests? Firstly, patients who make slower progress on standard therapeutic programmes. Secondly, patients with a familial history of cancer, heart disease, dementia and other chronic conditions. Thirdly, anyone who wishes to build a foundation of good health for life based on sound scientific knowledge of preventative medicine.

Unlike other testing, you need never repeat a genetic test as your genes do not change. These tests truly represent a new era for personalised medicine that is different from the prevalent “one-size-fits-all” approach.