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Chronic Fatigue/Conditions

Many chronic conditions can be helped by balancing nutrition and the body’s systems, so that things are aligned. One common example of a chronic condition which may be helped is fatigue. There are others, however fatigue is probably the most frequent.

Few conditions are more debilitating and frustrating than losing your energy and ability to do the things you want to do in life, without knowing why. Many of you may have had a barrage of medical tests, only to be told that these are normal and to go away and stop worrying. That is little consolation if you barely have the energy to get out of bed in the morning or you run out of steam half-way through the day earning your living.

Chronic fatigue goes under many names – chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), post-viral fatigue (PVC), fibromyalgia and even “yuppie flu” are a few. Whatever the name, the effects are still the same – your energy demands exceed the ability of your body to deliver energy.

Your amount of energy available is partly determined by tiny energy-producing units inside your cells called mitochondria. Failure of your mitochondria to perform properly is known as mitochondrial dysfunction which can be influenced by the following factors:

Chronic Fatigue

Your body needs energy just for its daily maintenance activities. Your liver is said to use up more energy assimilating and detoxifying food from your gut than your brain and heart combined.

Your immune system spends energy fighting infections. However, if it gets too overloaded, it may fail to do its job properly and mistake your own body for an invader (autoimmune disease) or fight substances which should not pose a threat (allergies).

Many cases of chronic fatigue follow viruses like Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) or Coxsackievirus. These viruses can deceive your immune system into lowering parts of its immune defence and so continue to make you feel ill.

We believe in approaching chronic fatigue and any other chronic condition by investigating which underlying nutritional, biochemical, immune, toxic, hormonal and lifestyle imbalances are causing signs and symptoms and correcting these imbalances to help restore optimum energy and health.