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Still Open For Telephone Consultations

With the Prime Minister's announcement on 23rd March, the Good Health Clinic is closed for face-to-face consultations. We are, however, still open for initial and follow-up telephone and Skype consultations. We are also offering the shorter 15 and 30 minute consultation service for individual concerns about Coronavirus.

We should all follow NHS advice. If you think you have Coronavirus, you should contact 111 or phone your GP.

At this time, it is more important than ever to have good nutrition and that you get any underlying chronic conditions under control. I can help you with both so you can move towards a more optimum condition.

Please call on 07836 552936 or email on to make a telephone appointment.

Please see our Fees page for details of fees.

May we all get through this difficult time and continue to care for each other.