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Allergies / Food Intolerance

Food is the most powerful health intervention. Most people are familiar with immediate allergic reactions, such as peanut allergy, where hives or swelling of the tongue occurs within minutes of eating a food. Such reactions can also be fatal. This is known as an IgE Allergy Type reaction, which is the type of allergy that is tested for by hospitals with skin prick tests.


However, there are other types of allergic reactions to foods and substances. These are known as delayed hypersensitivity responses and are among the most common triggers of chronic symptoms and inflammation in the body. This delayed response reaction is known as an IgG Type reaction. That your body may not produce symptoms for several hours or even days after eating a food, which you might be eating daily, can be confusing when trying to track down the source of your condition.

Continuing to put foods or drinks into your body that your immune system recognizes as a ‘foreign invader,’ can create chronic low-grade inflammation and virtually any symptom you can think of. This can eventually cause tissue damage and greater susceptibility to unwanted conditions.

Allergy identification and handling is a major factor in removing sources of stress from your immune system and helping you achieve optimum health. Initially we use Applied Kinesiology / Muscle Testing to give an indication of food intolerances, followed by an Elimination / Provocation Challenge. This is where you eliminate a suspect food from your diet for a while and then introduce it again, to see if there is a reaction. Laboratory testing can be done if needed.

Finding out what you should eat and eliminating the things you shouldn’t, is a major step towards optimum health.