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About Us

Up until 2012, we were known as Plymouth Health Clinic. However, we changed our name to The Good Health Clinic to reflect our purpose of enabling patients to achieve their optimum health, through a Nutritional and Functional Medicine approach.

Suzanne Jeffery

Suzanne Jeffery, our practitioner, studied for 5 years at the University of West London to gain her BSc in Nutritional Medicine. She also holds a Masters degree from Oxford University. She is a member of the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA), and the CNHC, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. Suzanne is currently undertaking a doctorate in Science and Holistic Nutrition. She holds certificates from the Upledger Institute of Craniosacral Therapy, in lymphatic drainage and a diploma with UK Laser and Light.

As the field of Nutritional and Functional Medicine is constantly evolving, Suzanne is passionate about postgraduate research and her research interests are the effect of oral health on systemic health and the role that chronic infections play in a wide range of health conditions. Suzanne is also qualified to deliver cranio-sacral and low level laser therapies.

An important part of the role of a Functional Medicine practitioner is patient education. Suzanne holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and has given talks and lectures on the radio and to groups and schools on the nutritional approach to ADHD, the underlying nutritional and biochemical imbalances in mental illness, and drug education.

Suzanne enjoys body boarding and wild water swimming for most of the year in the waters of Devon and Cornwall. She is also a keen artist who finds inspiration from the beautiful places where she has lived: Malta, Ireland and the West Country.

Mark Jeffery is the clinic manager. He is a trained counsellor and has had over 30 years of experience in detoxification programmes.

Our Philosophy

Suzanne spends time with patients and listens to their histories in order to find out what factors have led to their current set of symptoms. There are usually several causes rather than a single cause, in chronic conditions.

We welcome patients of all ages and conditions and always strive to treat our patients with the courtesy and care we would wish for ourselves.

We will always explain your healthcare programmes because we believe you have the right to choose which healthcare option you wish to take. As the owner and custodian of your body, your aim should be to research the best way to enhance its survival and we will assist you in doing so.